zondag 28 september 2014

Lovely little owls, part 2

Last blog I showed my lovely little olw and I asked you to think with me what I could do with these owl. I got many great ideas via twitter etc. Lot's of people recommend me to make a key chain of it. So I did!


In mijn laatste blogpost liet mijn schattig uiltjes zien en vroeg jullie wat ik met hun zou doen. Ik kreeg veel reacties, voornamelijk via Twitter. Veel van jullie raadde mij aan sleutelhangers er van te maken. Dus dat heb ik gedaan!

Another great idea came from 'Creative Jewish Mom'. She suggest me to hang them on a twig... That was such a great idea, so I found a nice twig and I made some extra owls and hang them together!


Een ander goed idee kwam van  'Creative Jewish Mom'. Zij kwam op het idee om de uiltjes aan een tak te hangen. Dat vond ik zo'n goed idee dat ik in het bos opzoek ben gegaan naar een geschikte tak, maakte wat extra uiltjes en hing ze samen voor het raam!

Thank you for all the great ideas, hopefully you'll be inspired by this again!


Bedankt voor alle goede idee├źn, hopelijk worden jullie ook weer ge├»nspireerd om iets leuks te haken.

zondag 14 september 2014

Lovely little owls

Dear followers,

I'm still here. It was a bit quite the last months at my blog, but not in my live! I bet you were wonder what I'm was doing. Well... I had some vacation, I tried to find more inspiration of new crochet things.

I went to Stockholm, where I visit all kind of design stores and found some crocheted things.
Furthermore, I did some sewing, because when you travel you want to travel in style! So I made a lovely passport cover from a 30 year old Oilily fabric.

I had not much time to crochet myself, however during the vacations and working stuff I found some time to crochet. I made among other things, these lovely little owls. Now I wonder what I'm going to do with them... good ideas? Share them!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!
JoyJonne Hooks