zondag 18 december 2016

Seahorse Rattle

Who doesn't love a book about crochet? I have lot's of crochet books, and once in a while I can't resist a flick through some of them. I especially love to flick through them when I'm out of inspiration. Or if I know what kind of thing I want to make, but can't find a great free pattern on the internet. Also this time... For months it was on my whish list to make a seahorse, but couldn't find a great pattern (most of the time I'm too lazy to make one myself). By then it was one of those nights I flicked through some of my crochet books and found this lovely pattern! I decided to make this one for a little newborn girl. I think it turned out very cute, doesn't it?

You can find the pattern in this book (Dutch) from Christel Krukkert
I used Phildar Coton 3 and crochet needle 2.5mm
To turn this lovely stuffed toy into a rattle, I put a rattle bead in the head

Lot's of love
JoyJonne Hooks