zaterdag 21 maart 2015

Rabbit Cardholder

I regularly go to work by public transport. In the Netherlands, you need a special card to be allowed to use public transport. I need my card often quickly, so that's why I store it in my pockets instead of my wallet. I know, pockets are not the safest place to store your card, because the chance it will damage or break is quite high. This card holder will from now on protect my card... and isn't it a cutie?

Pattern is available at amuuse

JoyJonne Hook

vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Happy Poo Emoticon

You know that kind of people who often make use of the poo emoticon in the Whats-app conversations? It's kind of a buzzer word, doesn't really make sense or add something to the conversation. It's kind of noise, but than funny. Because everytime I see it, I start to laugh. Specially for this dear friend, I couldn't resist it, I made this emoticon!
I used this pattern and added the specific 'face' of the emoticon by using felt.

Have a nice day!

JoyJonne Hooks

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Don't mess with Nerdy Dirk

Recently one of my friends pointed me to the Lalylala patterns. These are awesome!! Many many people make their own version based on the Lalylala patterns. I just kept it to one of the original Lalylala's Dragon Dirk pattern. It was really fun to make, but also a lot of work. It was a nice project for the dark winter days. Now spring is coming, so it was time to finish this cutie!

I added the glasses to give Dirk a more nerdy look. For the glasses I used two paper clips and attached them by using some decorative washi tape.

Credits: Lalylala
Pattern: Dirk the dragon

Have a nice weekend!

JoyJonne Hooks