maandag 20 mei 2013

Strijkkralen - Hama beads

Dear readers!

Half a year ago I bought a huge tin of Hama beads, about 15.000 beads. I thought it wouldn't be a lot, but it is! By now the tin is still full for two-thirds, so now and than I grab my tin of beads and go design lovely simple designs. Some I've found on the internet (the cupcakes f.e.), others are designed by myself (like the bunny). This grey Monday (here in the Netherlands) is a perfect day to make lot's of colourful cards. I really love the simplicity of the white card, the text and the lovely colours of the Hama beads. Well, here are the results!


I hope I could inspire you to make such a lovely cards as well.

JoyJonne Hooks