maandag 5 maart 2018


I found this lovely pattern via Freubelweb and decided to make it! I love this rattle!!

Pattern: Dani's Creaties (Dutch)
Yarn: Phildar Coton 3 (Silver and Ecru)
Needle: 2,5 mm

zondag 25 februari 2018


As you might know... I love bunny toys. So I couldn't resist making this bunny label cloth! It was really fine needlework, but the result is really nice! :D

Pattern: Lief! Lifestyle

maandag 19 februari 2018


I made this lovely cuddle cloth especially for a little girl called 'Liv'. I hope she will like it as much as I do :D


dinsdag 12 december 2017


This fabric is very modern at the moment, so I had to make a playpen with it of course! And OMG, the result is stunning (for a sew beginner). I'm a proud of it :D hihi!


Last week I made this box mobile. I saw these crocheted farm animals as a car tensioner at a friend of mine. I loved the look of these crocheted animals so much, I had to make these! I already made a car tensioner, so I decided to make a box mobile with the lovely animals! The result is stunning, I love it!

Pattern: Jookz Creaties
Yarn: Phildar Coton 3
Needle:  2,5 mm


And another sewing project. I made these lovely hot water bottle covers! So happy with the look of it. Someone will soon sleep nice and warm! :D


I got (already for my birthday) a sewing machine, I am so very happy with it :D! That's why you will see in the coming blog posts also some sewing projects! I made these changing pad covers and I love the result :D So much yellow happiness!

Kind regards,
JoyJonne Hooks