zaterdag 4 februari 2017


 I'm totally into all kind of shades of ocher yellow... It seems that ocher yellow is pretty perfect for everything! I made this set of bears specially for a little girl. I think it's really cool in with these colors, I must admit: I really like it!

I used a pattern of  Stip en haak, it's available in Dutch and English, and for the yarn I used Phildar Coton 3, my favorite yarn!

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zaterdag 7 januari 2017

Nine best of 2016

It's already 2017! I wish you all a very good and creative year! It's time to look back and show my nine best of 2016.
It was a creative year for me, I made lots of great things. Such as the Fox Gunther. The two legged bear and some bunny cuddle cloths based made by my own imagination. A great pink Lion for a little girl. Another lovely little bear in a pink shirt. Some finger puppets, another bear, and last but not least a seahorse rattle.

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zondag 18 december 2016

Seahorse Rattle

Who doesn't love a book about crochet? I have lot's of crochet books, and once in a while I can't resist a flick through some of them. I especially love to flick through them when I'm out of inspiration. Or if I know what kind of thing I want to make, but can't find a great free pattern on the internet. Also this time... For months it was on my whish list to make a seahorse, but couldn't find a great pattern (most of the time I'm too lazy to make one myself). By then it was one of those nights I flicked through some of my crochet books and found this lovely pattern! I decided to make this one for a little newborn girl. I think it turned out very cute, doesn't it?

You can find the pattern in this book (Dutch) from Christel Krukkert
I used Phildar Coton 3 and crochet needle 2.5mm
To turn this lovely stuffed toy into a rattle, I put a rattle bead in the head

Lot's of love
JoyJonne Hooks

zondag 13 november 2016

Cat rattle (link to pattern)

Last week we went on maternity visit. We bought a very cute picture book from Dikkie Dik. And of course I crocheted also a cute present! I always like to match the crochet stuff, by the theme of the book. I found this lovely cat crochet pattern at Stip en Haak. I used Philar Coton yarn 3 in two colors, 70 Melon for the base and 77 Tournesol for the cheeks. this cuddly toy fits perfectly with the picture book!

zondag 30 oktober 2016

Pink lion

I have a lot of crochet books. However, usually I use the internet for inspiration... but not for this time. Because I was looking for a lion pattern, and I wasn't satisfied with the patterns I found at the internet. So I grabbed my crochet books and started to look for a lovely lion... and than suddenly I found a great pattern in this book Amigurumi World - Seriously cute crochet. Yeah! For this lion I used some pink yarn from Phildar and a 2.5 mm hook. O and by the way, not only the lion pattern in this book is really cute, I can recommend also the other patterns in it!

zondag 21 augustus 2016

Bear (pattern available)

Bears, again! It might that bears become my second love after bunnies ;).
They ask me to make something for a baby boy. This bear below was one of the patterns I saved for the right moment, and this was the right moment I think. 

Have a nice weekend!
JoyJonne Hooks

zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

Square coasters (pattern available)

Coasters! It decorates your table instantly. I have seen many coasters at Pinterest, mostly round. Often with flowers, too cosy for me. I was looking for more square coasters, but still cute, and not too girly. When I found this crochet pattern from Mango Tree Crafts, I knew I wanted to make these and use them as coasters.

I crocheted five of them with a 4 mm hook and some Drops Paris yarn. They turned out great.

I bond them together with a nice ribbon and gave these as a present to my cousin, who had a house warming today!

 Have a nice weekend!
JoyJonne Hooks

Pattern click here
Patroon klik hier