zondag 31 januari 2016

Lovely Flamingos

I often crochet bunnies, because they look so cute. Another animal I really like, because of its color and shape, is a flamingo! I especially do like the different shades of pink and orange.
In one of my crochet books (Amigurumi & mini's) I found a pattern of these cuties. I could use it as key chain or something, but for the time being, they are decorating my living room.

Kind regards,
JoyJonne Hooks

zondag 10 januari 2016

Pattern: Finger puppet bunny

I really like bunnies, they are so soft and cute. Full of innocence. I saw some finger puppets at Pinterest and became inspired. I thought let's make a finger puppet bunny. Love the result, and love to share it with you. If you made a finger puppet based on my pattern, share a picture on Facebook with me! I'm really looking forward to your versions of this lovely one.