zaterdag 19 december 2015

Fat lady in bikini

With this blog title I will receive a lot of new viewers I think ;)


Anyways... It was for ages on my list to crochet a fat lady, but I didn't find the right moment yet. A few weeks ago (somewhere in November) I thought about the busy December month and all the birthdays. And than suddenly I though "Let's make a fat lady and it will be a great birthday gift!" So I started crocheting and it took me a few evenings to crochet all the parts and half a day to sew everything together. Now I'm so happy to show my fat lady, I actually couldn't wait, but had to wait for the birthday. It was such a pleasure to crochet it. I especially like the hair, it's so lovely messy :).

The pattern is in Dutch from the book 'Dikke dames haken'

Have a nice weekend!
JoyJonne Hooks

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